It's Time For Your Annual Air Conditioner Tune Up!

The summer heatwave is right around the corner! Don't leave your central air conditioning system vulnerable to breakdown when you will need it most!

Now is the perfect time to schedule a Precision Air Conditioner Tune Up for your home.

Air Conditioner Tune Up

What is the difference between our Tune-up and other company's Tune-ups?

In one word, integrity. Sure, other companies may offer a lower priced tune up, but what is really happening is you are paying for their commission-earning technician to come into your home and upsell you on a new air conditioner because they have found your system to be "beyond repair" or "un-safe". They often will also try to creatively "find" problems beyond the scope of the tune up to increase your repair ticket.

With Trifecta, when you pay for a tune up, what you get is an actual tune up. There is no upselling and no gimmicks. If we do happen to find any issues worth mentioning during your tune up, we will simply inform you so that you are aware. At no time will you be pressured or forced to repair those issues. We are not a company driven on how many sales we make but rather on how comfortable and satisfied our customers are.

Give us the opportunity to show you what a difference we can make in the performance and efficiency of your system today!

Click here to get more details about our Precision Air Conditioner Tune Up.


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